Vol. 20 JA2016 - cardiac

C-05 – Early results: two years of CardioCel® patch implantation in children

novembre 29, 2016
Auteur correspondant : Carine Pavy

Carine Pavy, Guido Michielon, Jan Lukas Robertus, Francois Lacour-Gayet, Olivier Ghez

Institution : Service de chirurgie cardiaque congénital, Royal Brompton, Londres, Royaume-Uni

Objectives : To present the early results of 2 years of CardioCel® patch (Admedus Regen Pty Ltd, Perth, WA, Australia) implantation in pediatric patients for congenital heart disease.

Methods : Single center retrospective study of all patients aged 18 years and under operated for congenital heart diseases. Standard follow-up was performed clinical exams and echocardiograms. In case of re-operation for graft failure, the patch was removed and sent to pathology

Results : Between March 2014 and April 2016, 101 patients with a congenital heart disease had a surgical repair using the CardioCel® patch. The mean age was 7 months old (range: 3 days – 18 years) and the mean weight was 6.7kg (range: 1.83-96 kg). The mean bypass time was 156 min (±74 min) and the mean aortic cross clamp time was 103 min (±49 min). No infections and no intraoperative implantation difficulties were related to the patch. The mean follow up was 175 days (range: 4-726 days). The 30-day overall post-operative mortality was n=4 (3.8%), none were related to graft failure. 4 infants were re-operated because of graft failure, all in aortic position. The indication for the patch in aortic position was truncus arteriosus, coarctation and aortic arch hypoplasia repair. The mean time between the first and the second operation for graft failure was 189 days (range: 16-480 days).

Conclusion : Our experience shows a good tolerance of the patch in septal, valvar and pulmonary artery position. However, we experienced graft failures in infants in aortic position.